They are your “babies,” enthusiastic and fun, treasured members of your family. Let me photograph your pet so I can capture for you his distinct personality; so I can focus on the way her eyes talk to you though she hasn’t ever said a word, the way his head cocks in reply when you ask him a question, the way she seems to smile when you offer a toy or a treat. Your pet is beloved. Let me capture for you the memory and great joy your he has brought into your life.


Focus on the moment…because your child’s personality is exploding! She is expressive — showing you (rather than telling you) who she is and how she feels. You see the infant he once was; you glimpse the little boy he will become. She is turning into a real person now, bursting to show whom she will be. With a photograph, focus on the moment and it will change, forever, the way you look at him.


Focus on the moment … the breathtaking sophistication of a child. The essence of a child is in her eyes, the position of his hand, the way she tilts her head. She is becoming an independent thinker. He is still having fun. Focus on her forever smiles. Focus on his spontaneity. Capture the priceless memories. Let me photograph your child and help you stop time so you can remember.